"Warner Brothers Movie World in Australia continues exceeding all expectations. Your company had a major part in this success. All attractions with your control equipment, including the very popular motion base attraction "Batman Adventure", have performed flawlessly. The standardization of control components have proven to be cost effective in maintaining and operating the attractions. We are proud to have Anitech Systems on our development team. With your dedication and commitment, it will be exciting to develop new attractions and future Warner Brothers Movie World projects."

Rolf Roth, Senior Vice President,
Warner Brothers, Inc.

"I can't say enough about the level of support I've received from Anitech Systems. They really understand the needs of our business. Rock solid technology, great product support and a willingness to roll up their sleeves and get the job done no matter how many curves are thrown at them, they're always my first choice for show system engineering and design."

Paul Reedy,
Animation and Mechanical Manufacturing Manager

"At over $60 million, Back to the Future - The Ride, is easily the biggest, most complex single project ever undertaken at Universal Studios. Anitech's effective interaction with all phases of the project brought the best from all departments. Their support extended from initial system design right down through the post-install evaluation procedures. In addition to their superb technical competence, the flexibility and positive attitude of the Anitech personnel added another level of service that allowed us to exceed all expectations. Back to the Future - The Attraction is performing at astounding levels, with an average 105% of the park attendance on a daily basis, and with an average down time that can be measured in mere minutes. This level of quality performance is unheard of anywhere in the Theme Park Industry."

Steven Marble, Senior Project Manager,
Universal Studios

"The two qualities I like most about Anitech are:
(1) THEY LISTEN - They are very creative, but they begin by listening to our needs and then developing a system around our requirements, no matter how unusual.
(2) THEY CARE - They never think of themselves as only the technicians, rather they pull with a will for the overall success of the show. If and when you ever get up the famous creek without a paddle, they are good people to have aboard."

Bob Rogers, President,
BRC Imagination Arts

"Our recent project together 'Artist's Journey' at the 'Experience Music Project' in Seattle, Washington contains numerous pieces of specialty theatrical equipment, each with their own proprietary control protocols. Your Media Pro system seamlessly integrated all of them together without the use of the traditional third party black boxes. Further, the Media Pro's convenient back plane interface with the Allen Bradley programmable logic controller line added the flexibility and safety required to comfortably control and synchronizes our Attraction system. Finally, I was most impressed with how fast you were able to get our system up and running. We didn't suffer any last minute misunderstandings about the capabilities of the afore mentioned, poorly documented, black boxes. Your Media Pro system simply worked as advertised."
"Please let me know if you require any recommendations. I would be pleased to express how impressed I am with Anitech and your Media Pro system."

Craig Barr, Producer,
Artist's Journey, Experience Music Project, Seattle